Which Charcoal is the Best for Barbecue

There are many kinds of waste materials can be made to BBQ charcoal by Beston charcoal machine. All of biomass charcoal have different burning value. For BBQ use, which charcoal is the best exactly?

Barbecue Charcoal Manufactured By Beston Machine
Barbecue Charcoal Manufactured By Beston Machine

Kinds of Carbonized Materials for BBQ

  • Crops: wheat straws, cotton and mustard stalk, jute sticks, sugarcane trash, branches and twigs.
  • Nut shells: coconut shell, rice husk, palm kernel shell, groundnut shell, coffee husk, cashew shell, etc.
  • Wood: bamboo, wood lumps, sawdust etc.
Materials Can be Carbonized to Charcoal
Materials Can be Carbonized to Charcoal

Key Factors of Good BBQ Charcoal Manufactured by Beston Machine

You need to make sure which factors is important when selecting an appropriate charcoal for BBQ. For grilling different things, the need for charcoal varies. Choose the most suitable one.

  • Burning Time

BBQ has requirement for the burning time. As general, the burning time for good charcoal is longer than 4 hours. Bamboo charcoal briquette, wood charcoal briquette and coconut shell charcoal briquette burn quite a while. And the crop residue has short burning time, like rice husk, stalk.

  • Ash Content

Ash content is an essential parameter for burning. The stalk charcoal and straw charcoal have higher ash content compared with wood charcoal or other shell charcoal. If the ash content is too high, the charcoal quality is not good. Beston charcoal machine applies latest technology which reduces ash content largely.

  • Odourless & Smokeless

The above mentioned charcoal made by Beston biochar machines are almost odourless and smokeless. Nowadays, people have high requirement for smell and environment in daily life. The charcoal made by biomass exactly satisfies people’s requirement.

  • Sparkless

The sparkless is an important factor to measure safety level. After briquetted by machine, nearly all charcoal are sparkless. They are easy to burn safely.

  • Caloric value

Actually, it is related to fixed carbon content. The plants in forestry has higher caloric value than crops in the agriculture. In this place, we recommend coconut shell charcoal, bamboo charcoal or wood charcoal for you to grill.

If you are planing to manufacture a large quantity of charcoal, take Beston machines in to consider. With eco-friendly production method, this machine makes high quality biomass charcoal to meet your demand.

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