Small Pyrolysis Machine

Application of small pyrolysis machine is the most efficient and economic way to recycle tyre, rubber and oil sludge. With small investment and area, this plant changes these wastes into useful resource – oil. Compared with continuous type, the small one with rotary reactor need less budget. And it is easy to be installed and maintained conveniently.

Cost-efficient Beston Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Cost-efficient Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment

Small scale pyrolysis equipment is also named batch pyrolysis machine. It can deal with 6-10 tons of waste tyre or other materials per day. Many parts can be customized, like door of the reactor, smoke removal system, etc. Accordingly, this tire recycling plant is cost-efficient, and meets different need of customers. The requirement of operation for workers is not high. Furthermore, we will offer a installation service and the training for your workers if you have this demand.

Model Daily Capacity Floor Area Heating Materials Life Span
BLJ-6 6T 30*10*8m (L*W*H) Charcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc. 5-8 years
BLJ-10 8-10T 30*10*8m (L*W*H)
Small Pyrolysis Machine
Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine with Rotary Reactor
Small Tire Pyrolysis Machine
Good Feedback for Beston Small Tire Pyrolysis Machine

Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Canada

Small pyrolysis plant is an excellent choice for these who do small tyre recycling business. Many investors chose Beston because of machine quality and Beston service. Beston machines have been installed in Canada, England, the Philippines, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, Hungary, etc.

Small Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Shipment of Small Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Canada
Small Pyrolysis Equipment
Delivery of Beston Small Pyrolysis Equipment
Small Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Small Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Canada

Economical Small Pyrolysis Reactor with Long Service Life

One reason for purchasing Beston small tyre pyrolysis machine is the reactor. It has high efficiency and low-energy consumption. There are mainly three points that illustrate advantages of this reactor:

▷ It is made by good materials, like Q345R. These good materials guarantee some functions, like heat conduction, wear resistant. Meanwhile, they also prolong the service time of Beston reactor.

Small Pyrolysis Plant
Small Pyrolysis Plant with Good Wear Resistant

Small Pyrolysis Plant for Sale with Good Materials
Small Pyrolysis Reactor with Good Materials

▷ It is safe to make oil from tyre. Firstly, there are a series of devices which keep the record of current situation. When something is wrong, there is the alarm to warn workers. And some measures to avoid bad thing will be taken automatically. Secondly, from feeding to discharging, this reactor has great sealing effectiveness. Accordingly, it can isolate oxygen to the most extent.

▷ It consumes fuel economically. After preheating the reactor, the combustible gas is generated. We can use it directly to burn when it is processed by manifold and condensers. Consequently, investors are able to save a large deal of fuel cost from this plant.

Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant
Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant with Safety Device
Small Pyrolysis Machine
Small Pyrolysis Machine with Combustible Gas Recycling System

Analysis of Small Pyrolysis Machine Price

Small pyrolysis machine for sale has wide application and can generate profitable profits. Its price has become the most concerned factor for customers. If you are looking for a suitable small tyre pyrolysis plant price, pay attention to the following terms:

Small Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Small Pyrolysis Machine for Sale

□ The requirement for the configuration. We have a normal list for the configuration. In order to make the cost economical, we provide several options for some parts, like feeder, discharger, condenser, smoke removal system, etc. Consult us to choose the appropriate parts.

Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant
Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant
Small Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Small Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

□ The application for the final products. These final products can be sold directly, like oil, steel, carbon black, etc. In addition, they can be processed into high-quality products as well. In this case, it is necessary for you to purchase some other machines, like oil distillation machine, tire shredding machine, etc..

How to Use Final Products

Final Products of Small Pyrolysis
Final Products of Small Pyrolysis – Oil, Carbon Black, Combustible Gas and Steel Wire
Products Usages
Pyrolysis Oil • Can be sold directly.
• Reprocessed into diesel oil or fuel oil by waste oil distillation machine.
• Can be used as fuel for iron factory, power plant, cement factory, etc.
Carbon Black • Can be sold directly.
• Reprocessed into high-quality carbon by the carbon black processing plant.
• Make carbon brick by briquetting equipment.
Combustible Gas • Can be used as fuel heating the reactor.

Process of Small Scale Pyrolysis

Due to small capital investment, small pyrolysis machine has favored by most customers. when you order this rubber recycling plant, tell us about your requirement in details. Then we are able to draw up a suitable project plan for you to save your cost and time.

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