Pyrolysis Machine for Sale

Pyrolysis machine for sale combines several modules (feeding, pyrolyzing, de-dusting and discharging) to pyrolysis waste tyre, rubber or oil sludge into oil. In Turkey, more industries are willing to engaged in the business related to energy recovery. Beston pyrolysis plant satisfies the requirement of waste to energy and environment friendly. After processed by this plant, worthless waste will be converted to oil and carbon black which have economic value in Turkey.

Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Beston Pyrolysis Machine for Sale in Turkey

What Materials Can Beston Pyrolysis Machine Pyrolyze in Turkey?

Turkey has a large amount of waste polymer materials, such as tyre, rubber, etc. They have caused severe pollution for local environment. At present, they are good materials of energy recovery. Besides, oil sludge also can be converted to energy.

Waste Tyre
Waste Rubber
Oil Sludge Can be Converted to Oil by Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine
Oil Sludge

Pyrolysis Products Got From Pyrolysis Equipment

Products Usages
Pyrolysis Oil • Can be sold directly.
• Reprocessed into diesel oil or fuel oil by waste oil distillation machine.
• Can be used as fuel for iron factory, power plant, cement factory, etc.
Carbon Black • Can be sold directly.
• Reprocessed into high-quality carbon by the carbon black processing plant.
• Make carbon brick by briquetting equipment.
Combustible Gas • Can be used as fuel heating the reactor.
Oil Generated by Beston Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Pyrolysis Oil
Gas Produced by Waste Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Combustible Gas
Carbon Black Produced by Beston Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale
Carbon Black

How to Choose Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Beston Machinery provides four models to dispose of waste tyre or other things: BLJ-6, BLJ-10, BLJ-16, BLL-20. There are some differences in pyrolysis reactor types, pretreatment and other things.

BLJ-6 and BLJ-10 belong to batch type. The working method of pyrolysis reactors are rotary, which keeps oxygen from entering. Accordingly, it has great sealing performance and uniform heat perception. In addition, it just needs small area. This kind of plant doesn’t require pretreatment machine, like crushing machine. It is favored by customers who wanna do small scale waste recycling business.

BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale
BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale
BLL-20 Waste Pyrolysis Machine
BLL-20 Waste Pyrolysis Machine

BLJ-16 (semi-continuous type) and BLL-20 (fully continuous type) have higher automatic level compared with batch type. Accordingly, they don’t require much manual labor. BLL-20 fully continuous type has horizontal pyrolysis reactor. The double layers make the whole process more quick and efficient. The combustible gas can be recycled in this pyrolysis system so as to cut the fuel cost. The pretreatment requirement for this plant is high. The materials need cutting into 2-5cm. And water content is less than 15%.

Before you order pyrolysis machines for sale, it is conducive for you to get suggestion from us. We can recommend the suitable one in the light of your area, number of raw material and final products.

Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Pyrolysis Equipment with Different Capacity
Waste Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale

Model BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16 BLL-20
Daily Capacity 6T 8T-10T 15-20T 20-24T
Working Method Batch Semi-Continuous Fully Continuous
Raw Materials Waste Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor Size D2.2*L6.0m D2.6*L6.6m D2.8*L7.1m D1.4*L11m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power 24kw/h 30kw/h 54kw/h 71.4kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30*10*8m 30*10*8m 40*10*8m 45*25*10m
Operating Pressure Normal Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Life Span 5-8 Years

Uniqueness of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine

De-dusting System – Gurantee of Environment Friendly

In order to reduce the bad effect to the environment, there are four steps to eliminate harmful elements in the waste smoke. They are flue condenser, water washing, Bauer magnetic ring and water spray. If these procedures still can’t meet your demand, we can add a procedure: activated carbon adsorption.

De-dusting System in Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
De-dusting System

Integrated Condenser

As for condenser, we have two types for you to choose: normal type and integrated type. Most parts of integrated type are preinstalled before delivery. Accordingly, it is convenience to transport and it saves a lot of installation time. But it is only suitable for BLL-20 tyre recycling machine.

Integrated Condenser in Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant
Integrated Condenser

Guarantee Security of Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Provide training. Beston provides technical training to make sure the worker can operate independently and skillfully. And we also provide service of installation. If you have this demand, contact us.

Different safety design in Beston pyrolysis plant. In order to monitor the situation of pyrolysis process, there are pressure gauge, remote thermometer, explosion-proof hole, damping tank, etc. Besides, it is convenient to monitor and control current situation because of PLC and monitor system.

Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Guarantee of Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Reasonable Pyrolysis Plant Design

Pyrolysis machine design is one of reason most customers choose Beston as their pyrolysis plant suppliers. It has the following advantages.

National certification. CE and ISO of this machine has been approved by the nation. Because of high-quality parts, this machine has good function in fire resistance and corrosion protection.

Saving energy in different aspects. Firstly, the water in the cooling system is always moving circularly. And it won’t generate pollution to local environment. Secondly, the continuous type can work 5 to 6 days without stop after preheating.

Support the aim of social sustainable development. Pyrolysis plant China recycles different nondegradable materials and turns them into useful resources. This design has meet the development requirement of majority of countries.

Great Waste Pyrolysis Machine Design
Great Waste Pyrolysis Machine Design

Select The Right Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers

In turkey, how to search for a right one among many pyrolysis equipment manufacturers online? Beston, as the professional manufacturer in this field, is the right choice for you.

Flexible configuration design. Customers have different requirement for the size and parts. Beston offers the most practical and economic tyre pyrolysis plant drawing on the basis of your demand.

Numerous projects. Beston Group, as experienced and reputable manufacturer, has installed waste pyrolysis machines in Turkey, South Africa, Romania, Canada, England, etc. The projects existed in Turkey convert waste tyre to oil at present. These projects are good for local economy and environment.

Pyrolysis Project Installed in England
Pyrolysis Project Installed in England

Advanced innovative pyrolysis technology. We has our own manufacturing factory and technology patent. The automatic submerged arc welding and ultrasonic flaw detector we adopt guarantee the quality to the maximum extent.

Sound post-service center. We have set up 8 service center overseas to responsible for the installment, run trail and so on. In addiont, the manufacturing group strictly completes the whole manufacturing process. Before shipment, they check each parts to guarantee that the machine we ship is in the best condition. Accordingly, when you choose pyrolysis machine manufacturers, we are the top one for you.

Beston, as a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer
Beston, as a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China

Pyrolysis System in the Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous Feeding process

All materials will be sent to reactor by auto screw feeder. Because the feeder has special design, the oxygen won’t enter into reactor in the transportation. Before feeding, there are some requirements for raw materials. Firstly, the size is no more than 2 cm. Secondly, the raw material should be dried.

Pyrolysis Machine
Beston Pyrolysis Machine with Continuous Feeding Machine

Heating process

Firstly, burn the fuel in the combustion chamber. After a while, the cold wind will become hot air. The hot air can provide high-temperature air for the reactor and provide heat for the dryer.
Pyrolysis process

When pyrolysis temperature rises above 350℃, the oil and oil gas are produced. Then oil gas goes through oil gas condenser. Some oil vapor cools to liquid oil. The gas which can’t be dissolved enters into hydroseal. After filtered, the gas oil comes into combustion chamber.

Discharging process

This part has carbon black storage stank, sensor, water cooling system, slag tapping machine and transmission device. When carbon black drops, the water cooling system will cool down the high temperature.

Pyrolysis Plant
Pyrolysis Plant with Efficient Pyrolysis Process

Because more and more countries call on waste to energy plant, Beston pyrolysis machine for sale is favorably received by the market, especially in Turkey. Due to the application of this project, countless black pollution changes into valuable energy and brings economic development to local area. The most important points are pollution free and safety guarantee during the pyrolysis process. Order this machine right now.

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