Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut shell charcoal making machine manufactured by Beston Machinery receives high feedback from customers. This machine carbonizes coconut shell into biochar with fast speed and low energy consumption. Due to great design, the coconut shell charcoal produced by this equipment has good quality, which has wide application. This machine always is the optimal choice for customers who do charcoal business.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale
Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Popularity of Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Because of cost-effective feature, majority of customers purchase Beston coconut shell charcoal machine to make charcoal. Our machines have safety device, extremely good sealed effectiveness, energy-saving system for recycling gas and environment-friendly smoke cleaning system. Therefore, it has high-level safety and great effective. Furthermore, this charcoal making equipment will help you to save a large of cost for fuel.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Popularity of Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine with Several Features

Beston Projects Overseas

Due to its wide application, coconut charcoal making machines have been exported to Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Ghana, Russia, etc. Up to now, some customers are prepared to visit our manufacturing plant and discuss details of cooperation. If you are interested in this project. Don’t hesitate. Contact us right now.

Coconut Charcoal Making Machines
Coconut Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Turkey
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machinery Shipped to Spain
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machinery Shipped to Spain
Coconut Charcoal Machine in Ukraine
Installation of Coconut Charcoal Machine in Ukraine

How to Apply The Final Products

End Products Area Usages
Charcoal Daily life • widely used as the fuel of BBQ.
• used as the fuel in other industries.
Agriculture • attach heavy metal to improve the quality of the soil.
Industry • can be reprocessed into activated carbon.
• used for construction bricks with clay.
• widely used as fuel in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics, etc.
Biogas Daily life • widely used as fuel.
Agriculture • greenhouse agriculture heating.
Industry • used as fuel for heating or drying.
• can be used for the generator to get electricity.
Wood Vinegar, Tar Industry • the great materials in shipbuilding and paint industry.
• used as raw materials in chemical and medicine field.
Agriculture • used as plant nutrition regulates auxin or insecticide.
Final Products Charcoal, Wood Vinegar and Tar
Final Products: charcoal, wood vinegar and tar

Get an Appropriate Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine Price

Differences in coconut shell charcoal making machine price depend on the following several factors:

Choose the right model. Normally, the large scale biochar equipment costs more than small scale machine. When you choose the appropriate models, the price is not the only thing you need to consider. The capacity and plant area must be taken into consideration.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine Price
Different Models with Different Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine Prices

Make a configuration plan. In order to satisfy different requirements, maybe customers need some pretreatment machines and other parts. If the sizes of coconut shell or other materials have large size, they need to be crushed into small pieces. Also, there are some requirement for the water content of raw materials. If the water content is larger than the standards we require, it need drying by the dryer. Furthermore, some parts in the coconut shell charcoal plant can be changed. Consult us to discuss details.

Get a qualified machine. Beston coconut charcoal machine is manufactured with good materials. These materials with great quality not only prolong service life of this machine but also make production process more efficient and safer. Beston machine with good quality is worthy of your cost.


Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine Manufacturers

Contacting a reliable coconut shell charcoal making machine manufacturer who has yeas of experiences is an extremely important thing. Beston has manufactured charcoal machines many years. We have professional manufacturing factor, study and develepment department and shipping system. We have the confidence to offer you with good machines and comprehensive service.


Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine for Sale

Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding Capacity 500kg 0.8-1 Tons 1.5-2 Tons 2.5-3 Tons
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials All kinds of biomass waste, such as coconut shells, sawdust, etc.
Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc
Reactor Size Φ800 Φ1000 Φ1300 Φ1700
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Recycling Water Cooling
 Life Span 5-8 Years

Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Process

Good Features of Coconut Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Continuous Process

Coconut shell charcoal production process is continuous from feeding to discharging. Therefore, the requirement for labor is low. In addition, the continuous process makes the process more smooth and more efficient. You can see this video to see the entire continuous process.

Low Consumption for Fuel

After one hour of preheating and fifteen minutes of heating, the recycled gas can be used to as the fuel to heat the reactor. The recycled gas is processed by condensers and cyclone dedusting system, which can be put into use directly in Beston plant.

Coconut Charcoal Making Machine for Sale
Coconut Charcoal Making Machine for Sale with Energy-saving System

Choose Beston coconut shell charcoal making machine to make coconut shell charcoal because of its affordable price and great function. If you have a large of coconut shell or other materials, like sawdust, sugarcane bagasse, wood, bamboo and so on,  remember to consult us. The most economical project will be offered for you.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form. We will reply in 24h.