BST-50 Charcoal Making Plant Installed in Turkey

A Turkish customer purchased a set of Beston charcoal making machine to convert wood chips to charcoal. His country has a large quantity of waste wood chips. After processed by this machine, wood chips have been changed into useful resource and have economic value for this Turkish customer.

Charcoal Manufacturing Machine in Turkey
Charcoal Manufacturing Machine Installed in Turkey
Charcoal Production Equipment
Charcoal Production Equipment in Turkey

Through a decades of efforts, the establishment of charcoal making plant in Turkey was completely finished.

Charcoal Making Plant
Operation of Charcoal Making Plant
Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Machine Runs Smoothly
Charcoal Production Machine
Charcoal Production Machine in Turkey

At present, this project is in a good running condition. Turkish customer is satisfied with this charcoal making machine. Seeing the video related to Turkish charcoal making project may be helpful for you. If you wanna know the project design or other specific information, contact us right now.

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