Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Dominica

Egg Tray Equipment

This Dominican customer ordered three sets of pulp egg tray making machine from Beston. They are one set of BTF-5-8 and two sets of BTF-4-4 respectively. Through a period time, these machines was installed with our guidance in his factory. He mainly used these machines to make egg trays with waste paper pulp. Installation Process … Read more…

Pyrolysis Equipment was Delivered to Romania

Pyrolysis Machine

In this year, we shipped a set of BLJ-16 Beston pyrolysis equipment and BZJ-10 distallation plant to Romania. In order to handle waste tyre and change it into useful resource, this Romanian customer purchased these machines from Beston and trusted our service. Shipment of BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Equipment to Romania Shipment of BZJ-10 Oil Distillation Machine … Read more…

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine Delivered to Ghana

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Making Plant

BST-10 Beston palm kernel shell charcoal machine was sent to Ghana this year. In Ghana, people are seeking a solution to recycle massive palm kernel shell. This machine is the right choice for them. This customer will benefit from the palm kernel shell charcoal, tar or wood vinegar. Beston biomass pyrolysis plant has wide application. … Read more…

Waste Recycling Plant Shipped to Hungary

Waste Recycling Plant

Beston waste recycling plant was shipped to Hungary last year. With this plant, municipal solid waste, garden waste or mining waste can be separated into various kinds. And these waste can be applied as resources. In Huagary, municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste almost take up 50% of total waste. Accordingly, this project … Read more…

Delivery of BTF-4-8 Egg Tray Machine to Indonesia

Egg Tray Machine

BTF-4-8 Beston egg tray machine was delivered to Indonesia. After checking list, our workers put this machine and all of the parts into goods van. When the preparation work was done, this machine was shipped on time from our manufacturing plant. Preparation Work of Shipment Shipment of Beston Egg Tray Machine to Indonesia Beston egg … Read more…

Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Installed in Romania

Romanian Customer was Satisfied with Beston Machine

BLL-30 Beston continuous pyrolysis equipment was successfully installed in Romania for recycling piles of waste plastic. Waste plastic pollutes the local environment seriously. When the plastic is converted to oil by this project, the environment is improved and economical profits are generated. Shipment Process of Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Installation Process of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in … Read more…

BLJ-10 Tyre Recycling Machine Installed in Indonesia

Tire Recycling Machine

BLJ-10 Beston tyre recycling machine has already been installed in Indonesia to recycle waste tyre. The following photos showed the situation of this project. This project also can deal with rubber or oil sludge. Consult us for the requirement for the raw materials. And you are able to see other project in other country.

Sawdust Charcoal Machine Shipped to Russia

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

BST-30 Beston sawdust charcoal machine was shipped to Russia in April, 2019. In local area, this customer has a lot of sawdust waitting to be carnized in a factory. When the machine arrives at local area, we will arrange the installation as soon as possible. Here are some photos about this shipment. This charcoal machine … Read more…

Paper Tray Making Machine Installed in Ivory Coast

Pulp Egg Tray Machine

BTF-1-3 Beston paper tray making machine in Ivory Coast was put into use normally. After successful installed in local area, this machine with low cost converted massive paper waste into paper trays which have economic value. These customers was satisfied with the quality of paper trays manufactured by Beston egg tray machine. Furthermore, they had … Read more…

Waste Rubber Recycling Machine Installed in South Korea

Tires Recycling Machine

BLL-16 Beston semi-continuous waste rubber recycling machine was installed in South Korea for recycling rubber. In South Korea, there are a large of waste rubber wire and tyre waiting for handling. With assistant of this machine, this problem can be solved well. Furthermore, making profits from this project is the main purpose. If you have … Read more…