What are Pyrolysis and Its Benefits?

More investors pay high attention to pyrolysis business because of waste to energy. Through pyrolysis process, some waste are changed into useful products, which has great influence to environment and economy. Accordlingly, let’s know about pyrolysis and its benefits in details.


What is Pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis refers to a high-temperature chemical reaction. In this process, some macromolecule was broken and polymerized. Finally, we can get new products from it, like oil, carbon black.

Waste Pyrolysis Process
Waste Pyrolysis Process

Different Benefits of Pyrolysis to Countries

  • Benefits for Protecting Environment

In this society, countries are seeking for efficient way to handle non-degraded things in a no-pollution condition. This tyre pyrolysis machine reaches their standard exactly.

  • Benefits for Strengthening Economy

Firstly, investors can benefit from the final products through selling directly or reprocessing. Secondly, this business attracts more manual labor to improve local economy development.

  • Benefits for Relieving Energy Shortage Pressure

As we all know, demand for oil is large in each countries. However, the oil exploitation becomes more and more difficult in this times. The pyrolysis oil is a good alternative for diesel oil or other fuel oil in some industries.

Which Material Can Be Pyrolyzed?

There are a large deal of waste can be pyrolyzed by waste pyrolysis plant. These materials are non-degraded and are difficult to be processed in a green way. This technology uses a great way turning these waste to resources available. The following waste can be handled.

  • Tyre: car tyre, different kinds of rubber wire and rubber-made products
  • Oil sludge
  • Waste Engine oil
  • Plastic: PP, PE, ABS, PS, etc.
  • Waste lubricating Oil

Materials Can be Pyrolyzed

Pyrolysis Oil Rate Made by Beston

Waste has different components even the same kind of waste. The following table shows an approximate oil rate for each kind of waste got from Beston Machinery. If you wanna know precise oil rate, leave your message or send your sample to us.

Pyrolysis Oil Rate
Pyrolysis Oil Rate
Final Products from Tyre Pyrolysis
Final Products from Tyre Pyrolysis

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