Egg Tray Dryer

Egg tray dryer helps egg trays to dry fast in a large quantity. Investors can short profit circle. Considering capacity and installment cost, Beston offers three ways to dry egg trays. Look at the following ways.

Beston Egg Tray Dryers for Sale
Beston Egg Tray Dryers for Sale

Three Egg Tray Drying Systems are Suitable for Small to Large Production

1. Natural Drying under the Sun

Normally, the majority of investors who do small business will choose drying under the sun. After trays production, workers put paper trays on the trolley. Then move trolley to shelves. When using this way, there are some influencing factors, like weather, moisture, wind, etc. View the following project pictures.

Natural Drying under the Sun
Natural Drying under the Sun

2. Bricking Drying System

Bricking drying line can dry egg trays quickly and automatically. After finish of egg trays manufacturing process, the conveyor deliveries paper trays to bricking drying room. When trays production capacity is large, this way can help save a great deal of labor cost. When constructing this system, many raw materials need to be purchased on the local market, like concrete, bricks. Contact us to know its detailed cost.

The is an analysis about temperature when using bricking drying system in BTF-3-4 egg tray plant.

Place Temperature
Drying Room 200-230℃
End of Drying System 60-70℃
Egg Trays 35℃

Fuel: coal, biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc.

Bricking Egg Tray Drying System
Bricking Egg Tray Drying System

3. Metal Drying System

Egg trays can be delivered into the dryer and send out automatically. It is extremely easy to operate and maintain. The metal egg trays have several layers which can reach 6 layers.
Fuel: natural gas, diesel. The wood and coal can’t meet the requirement.

Multiple-layer Metal Dryer
Beston Multiple-layer Metal Dryer for Sale

How to Select A Suitable Paper Egg Tray Drying Line

1. Paper Egg Tray Dryer Cost

Investors can get the final pulp molding machine quote from Beston sales. It mainly refers to metal drying system.

Dryers Cost Analysis
Natural Drying Depend on local market (trolley, shelves).
Bricking Dryer Depend on local market (concrete, bricks, etc)
Metal Dryer Depend on the scale (email us to get a quote)

2. Land Field

Item Comperation
Drying system land field Natural Drying System > Bricking Drying System > Metal Drying System

3. Construction Cost

Item Comparation
Construction Cost Metal Dryer ≥ Bricking Dryer > Natural Drying

4. Automation Level

Item Compararision
Automatic Level Metal Dryer ≥ Bricking Dryer > Natural Drying

When you need a paper egg tray drying machine, consult Beston. One of three types will meet your demand. Besides, we offer other related equipment and customized service. Contact us to choose the most economic one according to your local situation.

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