Egg Carton Machine

Egg carton machine is used to make 2-hole, 6-hole, 10-hole or 12-hole egg cartons. With this machine, a large quantity of paper waste can be turned into high value products. Eggs with cartons have a high price in the market. Beston offers several models for you.

Beston Egg Carton Machine for Sale
Use Beston Egg Carton Machine for Sale to Make 2-hole, 6-hole, 10-hole or 12-hole Cartons

Egg Carton Machine for Sale in Stock

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h
Beston Egg Box Machine for Sale
Beston Egg Box Machine for Sale – Seven Models 1000-6000 pieces/h

How to Get A Suitable Egg Crate Making Machine?

1. Make Clear Parameters of Besotn Egg Carton Maker

There are several key factors to pay attention to, for example, capacity, total power, moulds, factory workshop. The capacity ranges from 1000-6000 pieces/h. When you need a detailed egg tray plant business plan, contact us now.

2. Choose A Right Dryer

There are three drying methods, including drying under the sun, bricking drying system, and multiple-layer metal dryer. The drying time, construction cost, and area are different. Read the following table.

Drying Time Dying under the Sun≥Bricking Dryer≥ Metal Dryer
Construction Cost Dying under the Sun < Bricking Dryer≤Metal Dryer
Area Dying under the Sun <Metal Dryer≤Bricking Dryer

Note: drying under the sun is suitable for small egg cartons production.

Dryers of Egg Crate Machine
Dryers of Egg Crate Machine – Conveyor Bricking Dryer & Multiple-layer Metal Dryer

3. Use Eco-friendly Fuel for Dryer

For dryer fuel, there are several options, for example, coal, diesel, natural gas, biomass. The bricking dryer and metal drying system have different requirement for fuel. Tell us their price on your local market. Then we recommend the most eco-friendly one.

4. Two Options for Pulp Molding Systems

Beston offers two types of pulp molding systems, inculding standard type and Integrated pulping system. The latter one is easy to transport, install and operate. Accordingly, Integrated system is more popular.

Beston Egg Carton Manufacturing Machine
Beston Egg Carton Manufacturing Machine

How to Get a Worthy Egg Carton Machine Price

When investors wanna get a fair egg carton maker price, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

1. Get Egg Carton Making Machine from Reliable Manufacturer

Normally, investors can get a low cost from manufacturers directly. When selecting a reliable manufacturer, take the following three factors into consideration, company scale, qualification, project experience.

Beston Machinery is a big company in the local market, which has nearly 300 employees. We have comprehensive qualifications and certificates. Moreover, we have rich pulp molded equipment installment experience in more than thirty countries, including Egypt, Botswana, India, Hungary, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Jamaica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan.

2. Visit Egg Box Making Machine Manufacturer’s Factory Directly

It is available for investors to check Beston manufacturing factory. Tell us in advance. We will arrange the whole schedule. You can visit Beston company and manufacturing factory. We have a professional team.

3. Make Sure the Guarantee Manufacturers Offered

A good post-sales guarantee helps investors to save a large fund of in the future.

Beston Egg Carton Machine Manufacturer
Beston Egg Carton Machine Manufacturer

Beston Egg Box Machine Projects in the Worldwide

Installment of Egg Carton Maker
Installment of Egg Carton Maker
Shipment of Egg Carton Making Machine
Shipment of Egg Carton Making Machine

Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Manufacturing Machine

Good Feedback for Beston Egg Crate Making Machine
Good Feedback for Beston Egg Crate Making Machine

Customers’ Visits to Beston Egg Crate Machine Manufacturing Factory

Customers Visits for Beston Egg Box Making Machine
Customers Visits for Beston Egg Box Making Machine

Service for Beston Paper Egg Crate Making Machine

1. Free Spare Parts Offering.
2. Technical Support for Lifetime
3. Installment Guidance Online | Field Installment and Training Service
4. 24-hour Online Support
5. Provide Field Maintenance and Repair.

Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

FAQs about Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale

1. How Much Space is Required for the Whole Production?

There are several factors that influence the space, such as drying system, pulp molding system, other related equipment. Leave a message to us. Beston offers a detailed layout for you.

2. How Much Does the Whole Project Cost?

Actually, the total project cost is related to several parts. There is an estimate for the whole setting up – USD8000-70000. Sometimes, we offer discounts. Consult us to get the latest list.

3. What are the Options for Mould?

Plastic or aluminum mold.

4. What is the Requirement for Paper Waste?

There is no requirement for paper waste. The best paper waste to make egg cartons are A4 paper, notebook, etc.

5. Does the Color of Mould Can be Changed?

Of course, add the color additives to change color.

Use egg crate making machine for sale to make egg cartons right now. Use more cartons to make high value for yourself. We are willing to provide support whether in technical or installment factors.

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