Beston Will Attend 22nd IE Expo China

IE Expo China 2021

Beston will take part in the 22nd IE Expo China in Shanghai on 20-22, April, 2021. Beston will highly demonstrate some waste to energy projects, for example, pyrolysis plant, charcoal … Read more

Beston Offers Biggest Discount in 2020!

Beston Offers Biggest Discounts

The biggest discount Beston offers is coming from Nov 1st to Dec 15th, 2020! In this period, there are main five products customers can get the biggest discounts, including egg … Read more

Conversion of Pyrolysis Fuel Oil from Waste

Conversion of Pyrolysis Fuel Oil

Conversion of pyrolysis fuel oil from waste is available by using pyrolysis technology. The tyre, plastic and oil sludge occupy a large area. At the same time, if we don’t … Read more

Pyrolysis Waste to Energy

Pyrolysis Waste to Energy

Nowadays, the demand for energy is continuously increasing. However, present resources can’t meet current demand. Besides traditional fuel resources, the majority of countries are seeking an alternatives. Actually, there are … Read more

How to Make Charcoal from Wood

Pellet Making Machine for Sale

There is a simple and safe way to make charcoal from wood. That is wood charcoal making machine. After applying it, you will get high-quality wood charcoal. If you wanna … Read more

Commercial Biochar Production Prospects

Commercial Biochar Production Prospects

Biochar is a good option instead of many fuel. The market between industries and cooking has a great demand for it. When you seek an economical way to start this … Read more

Ways of Recycling Tires for Money

Recycling Tires for Money

When tires reach to its end lifespan, they become useless. However, we can’t drop them at random because of their decompose features. When treating them, investors need a green way. … Read more