How to Make Oil from Tyres

Tyres are one kind of the most difficult handling waste. However, in the past of few years, pyrolysis is a good way to solve this problem. With this technology, we can make oil from tyres. Now, learn about this eco-friendly and cost-effective process.

Make Oil from Tyres
Make Oil from Tyres

Tyre to Oil Recycling Process

In this process, there are four core parts. They are automatic feeding and discharging system, pyrolysis system, gas recycling system, smoke removal system. The following video demonstrates the process in details.

Latest Good Plant Design Compared with Last Generation

  • Strict Quality Inspection Standards

The range of quality inspection standards is more wide. And the requirement of quality inspection standards is higher. Beston manufactures this machine according to national standards, industry standards strictly. Therefore, its quality is within good guarantee. Get the tyre to oil plant cost now.

  • Optimize Tyre to Oil Recycling System Constantly

Several initial generations have some disadvantages. They include easy blocking, bad sealed effectiveness, difficult cleaning, low-level safety guarantee, etc. Through the efforts of trail run, the latest generation not only improves these disadvantages but also provides some great project plans. The One Pyrolysis System with Two Reactors is a good option.

  • Adopt Materials to Improve Performance

The casing, reactor, and other parts all adopt different materials. According to high demand for heating conduction, the reactor and the base adopt Q345R steel. And, we thicken the door and insulation cotton to strengthen insulation effect. Besides the above mentioned points, actually, we have many other good designs. Consult us to get details.

After knowing tire to oil process, it is time for you to make a decision whether to start this business. If you have this need, we offer quality machine and technical support for you right now.

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