What to Do With Coconut Shells for Making Profits

Coconut is a hot fruit in the Philippines, Indonesia, India or Middle East. However, people always abandon its shell at random. How to recycle coconut shell in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way? Beston recommend coconut shell charcoal making machine for you.

What to Do with Coconut Shells

What to Do With Coconut Shells

As we all know, coconut shell is similar to the hard wood in terms of component. It has good resistance, high toughness, low cellulose and low ash content. Consequently, it is extremely used for making biochar. Nowadays, we have many alternatives in choosing fuel. Biochar is a wide option in our daily life. Moreover, the coconut shell charcoal is a kind of good charcoals which can be extensively applied in our lives or industries.

Charcoal from Coconut Shell
Charcoal from Coconut Shell

How to Make Charcoal from Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell Charcoal Uses

If you choose this way for handling coconut shell, there are some coconut shell charcoal uses. These points may help your coconut shell charcoal making business.

1. Due to high calorific value and intense density, it is a good charcoal for cooking activity, like BBQ. You can make different shapes of coconut charcoal when using different briquetting machines.

2. It has carbon-rich feature so as to it can be as the fuel of different industries.

3. In some countries, shisha is a hot activity. This charcoal is a good material for making shisha charcoal.

Coconut shell is a material we can put it into good use. As for us, making charcoal from coconut shell is a cost-effective way. Investors get profits from this business with low budget. If you have idears about this cost-effective project, contact us right now.

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