Waste Recycling Plant Shipped to Hungary

Beston waste recycling plant was shipped to Hungary last year. With this plant, municipal solid waste, garden waste or mining waste can be separated into various kinds. And these waste can be applied as resources. In Huagary, municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste almost take up 50% of total waste. Accordingly, this project is in a great demand.

Waste Processing Equipment
Parts of Waste Processing Equipment
Waste Processing Machine
Parts of Waste Processing Machine
Municipal Waste Recycling Plant
Movement of Municipal Waste Recycling Plant

Solid Waste Processing Equipment

Solid Waste Recycling Plant

Waste Processing Plant

Waste Recycling Machine
Workers Checked Beston Waste Recycling Machine
Waste Recycling Equipment
Shipment of Beston Waste Recycling Equipment
Waste Recycling Plant
Beston Waste Recycling Plant Shipped to Hungary

These pictures showed the shipment process. We would go with this shipment process at any time. In addition, the installation service is available if customers have this need. When there are massive wastes which need to be separated in local area, get this waste sorting machine right now!

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