Waste Sorting Machine

More and more investors have great demand for waste sorting machine to recycle the increased waste day by day. The purpose of purchasing this plant is to sort garbage into several kinds of resources. Then these wastes won’t pollute local environment and can be used again. Beston, as a manufacturer, provides this machine with high quality and high sorting rate. We can offer an appropriate project plan for you in details.

Waste Sorting Machine
Beston Waste Sorting Machine for Sale with High Quality

Automated Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Beston waste sorting machines have several classification parts with different methods, like comprehensive winnowing machine, rotary screening machine, magnetic separator, etc. After processed by these waste sorting techniques, we mainly can get plastic, construction material, biomass waste, metal, organic matter, paper, etc. In addition, we have plans to recycle the majority of these waste. If you have this need, just tell us.

An important point is that how to handle the bad smell spreading from waste. Beston waste sorting plant equipped with deodorization system. It has several procedures to improve the quality of air. Accordingly, workers have a good working environment. Besides, the entire sorting process is sealed. The area around the waste recycling plants won’t be affected.

Waste Sorting Plant
Beston Waste Sorting Plant with Deodorization System

Beston Waste Sorting Machine Project Overseas

Waste Sorting Equipment
Waste Sorting Equipment Shipped to Hungary
Automatic Waste Sorter
Beston Automatic Waste Sorter Delivered to Hungary

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Which Kind of Resources Do You Want Finally?

If you have plan to reprocess these end-products, we have plans for you and can provide some reprocessing system, like bricking making system, biogas composting system, plastic to oil plant, charcoal manufacturing equipment, etc. These equipment can largely improve the value of waste. Consequently, take these budgets into your consideration.

Automated Waste Sorting Machine
Beston Automated Waste Sorting Machine with Affordable Price

How about the Water Content of the Waste You are Planing to Recycle?

In order to guarantee the sorting result, Beston waste sorting equipment has requirement for water content in the garbage. It is necessary to get a pressing machine when the water content is larger than 50%. We provide this machine and can check the waste sample for you.

What is Your Requirement for the Result of Sorting?

In general, the sorting result satisfies the demand of majority of customers. Beston automatic waste sorter has high sorting efficiency. The sorting rate can reach 90%. Some customers have high requirement for the result. We can change the configuration and add some procedures appropriately. Then customers are able to get pleasant replies. Contact us and tell us about your condition.

Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Different Configuration for Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Rotary Screening Machine
Rotary Screening Machine

Advantages of Beston Waste Sorting System

Automatic and safe operation: firstly, all models of Beston waste sorting plants have automatic processing system to avoid the mistake made by workers. Secondly, this plant is equipped with PLC to monitor the waste sorting process. This part makes the next process go smoothly.

Environmental-friendly process: Beston waste sorting equipment for sale has deodorization system. When high-pressure flue sprays the deodorant, the contaminant will be broken down, which can achieve the aim of long-term deodorization.

Noise control: Beston group has studied waste sorting machinery many years. In order to give a good living environment around the plant, all engines are covered with noise-prevention device.

Waste Sorting Machines
Waste Sorting Machines with Safe and Automatic System

Make Profits from End-products

NO. End Products  Usage
1 Plastic film Made into plastic particles
Pyrolysis plastic to oil
2 Organic materials,food residue Making organic fertilizer or biogas
3 Biomass: wood, shell, etc. Making charcoal from biomass
4 Construction materials Making bricks by brick making line
5 Metal Smelt new metal
Uses of End-products

Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours
Automatic Waste Sorting Machine
Automatic Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Video about Waste Sorting Line

With the environment worsening, Beston waste sorting machine is the top equipment to recycle the waste. This plant not only reduces the pressure of energy consumption but also generates economical value for investors. If you are going to recycle waste by this project, choose Beston as your partner. You won’t regret. Besides, we still have other finished projects for you to see.

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