Pyrolysis Waste to Energy

Nowadays, the demand for energy is continuously increasing. However, present resources can’t meet current demand. Besides traditional fuel resources, the majority of countries are seeking an alternatives. Actually, there are two kinds of technologies to make energy from waste – pyrolysis and carbonization.

Pyrolysis Waste to Energy
Pyrolysis Waste to Energy

Waste Pyrolysis

Waste pyrolysis refers to a thermal reaction without oxygen in the reactor. Firstly, feed raw materials into reactor. Then heat the reactor. When the temperature reaches to about 180℃, the mocolue begin to broke and recognized. The temperature is increasing in this process. The oil gas is generated guaranly. When temperature reaches to over 300℃,heavy oil is generated.

Which Kind of Materials Can be Applied?

Some nondegradable materials are suitable for this project, for example, tyre, plastic, rubber, oil sludge. In the past, there are many traditional ways to manage them, like burning, and landfill. However, these ways are not friendly to environment. Besides reutilizing directly, pyrolysis technology is viewed as the most eco-friendly way to utilize these waste.

Final Energy Investors Can Get

The major product is pyrolysis oil. It is a good fuel insteading of diesel or gasoil. At present, many industries employ it as an option. In addtion, the carbon black and gas oil are by-products.

Waste Carbonization

Carboization, named biomass pyrolysis, is a high-temperature chemical reaction laking of oxygen. When investors use biochar making machine to carbonize raw materials, we can get biochar in 15-20 minutes.

Some Materials Can be Employed

There are massive natural biomass waste which not be utilized effectively.Look at the following kinds of biomass waste.

Forest residues: branches, leaves, bamboo

Agricultural residues: rice husk, straw,

Industrial waste: coconut shell, palm kernel shell, sugarcane bagasse, sawdust, olive seed, wood-made products.

Make Profits from End Products

The biochar is the most common fuel to take place of other fuels in daily life. Nowadays, BBQ is a popular activity among countries. People have a large demand for this charcoal. Besides, in Asia and the middle east, there is a hot habit – shisha. The charcoal made from biomass is also a good fuel to make shisha charcoal.

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