How to Make Charcoal from Wood

There is a simple and safe way to make charcoal from wood. That is wood charcoal making machine. After applying it, you will get high-quality wood charcoal. If you wanna save time and cost, take this machine into consideration. There are some tips you should pay attention to.

Make Charcoal from Wood
Make Charcoal from Wood

1. Choose Seasoned Wood

The fresh wood has large water content. It greatly influences the carbonization effect. The final charcoal can’t meet the exceptional result. It is better for you to carbonize the wood which contains less than 15% water. You can put the wood to the area which has good ventalition. On the other hand, take a dryer to remove the extra water quickly.

2. Pick Up Right Wood On the Basis of Requirement to Heat Value

The wood is divided into hardwood and softwood. Normally, the hardwood has better heat value than softwood. When they are made into charcoal by a wood to charcoal machine, all of them have the best use. Therefore, understand the use of the final charcoal or make sure the raw materials. There is a chart. It demonstrates heat value when burning.

Heat-energy Equivalent Kinds of Wood
200-250 gallons White Oak Apple tree Birch Ironwood
150-200 gallons White Birch Black Cherry Elm Red Maple
100-150 gallons Cottonwood Pine Hemlock Aspen

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When making charcoal from wood, you have two choices. Firstly, use or sell natural charcoal directly. Secondly, you can make these charcoal into briquettes. Normally, the natural wood charcoal burns shortly than wood charcoal briquettes. However, ash of natural wood charcoal is less than wood charcoal briquettes. If you still have questions, we are willing to reply to you in detail.

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