BTF-1-3 Small Egg Tray Making Machine in Algeria

Shipment of Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine to Algeria

Last month, BTF-1-3 Beston small integrated egg tray making machine was shipped to Algeria. It is the smallest model which can produce 1000 pieces of paper trays per hour. If … Read more…

Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine in Bolivia

Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine In Bolivia

This month, Beston has shipped a set of BTF-4-4 semi-automatic egg tray machine to Bolivia.

Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine Was Shipped Russia

Shipment of BTF-4-8 Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine to Russia

Last month, BTF-4-8 Beston egg tray forming machine with metal dryer was shipped to Russia. This machine can produce 3000-4000 pieces of egg trays per hour. In order to reduce … Read more…

Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Egypt

BTF-5-12 Beston Automatic Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF-5-12 Beston fully automatic egg tray making machine was ready. Before shipment, our engineer checked every part to make sure of its performance. This customer preferred ordering some extra spare … Read more…

Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Algeria

Egg Tray Machine Shiped to Algeria

Algerian customer ordered a set of Beston BTF-3-4 egg tray machine from Beston. He is the fourth customer in Algeria. We are glad to receive his trustworthiness. The following photos … Read more…

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Installed in Kazakhstan

Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Kazakhstan

Although it was extremely cold, Beston egg tray manufacturing machine was installed in Kazakhstan. Our engineers fled to this country and guided this customer to install this machine. Because this … Read more…

Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Uganda

Egg Tray Making Machine in Uganda

Beston egg tray making machine was installed in Uganda. With semi-automatic brick dring system, paper trays were dryed quickly. Get a review for the installation process.