Waste Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Nigeria

Congratulation! A whole set of Beston waste pyrolysis plant was shipped to Nigeria again. This Nigerian customer purchased BLL-16 model, which can convert 15-20t tyre to oil per day.

Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Shipment of Beston Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Shipment of Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
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Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale

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Pyrolysis Plant
BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Nigeria
Pyrolysis Machines for Sale
Delivery of BLL-16 Pyrolysis Machines
Pyrolysis Machines
Shipment of Beston Pyrolysis Machines

Besides of this semi-continuous model, there are batch type and continuous type. If you are interested in these models, there are detailed information about these tire recycling machines.

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