Differences Between Incineration and Pyrolysis

In order to reutilize waste effectively, there are many waste to energy technologies, for example, pyrolysis and incineration. Both of them work under a high-temperature situation. However, there are some differences between them in terms of processed materials and final products.


Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition with chemical reaction. Under a non-oxygen working condition, the waste is converted to oil or carbon black. In general, investors employ this technology to process tyre, plastic, oil sludge, engine oil, rubber, etc. They are non-degradable. Compared with other ways, it is the most eco-friendly one. Moreover, investors benefit a lot from final products and by-products, for example, pyrolysis oil. Up to now, plenty of investors put budget on this project. There are three types, including batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous model. Consult us for the pyrolysis project now.

Beston Pyrolysis
The Detail o fBeston Pyrolysis


Incineration refers to the combustion of waste material. Through high-temperature burning, the waste materials will be turned to ash, gas or heat if you wanna put these waste into use. Normally, we take this way to process MSW, medical waste, or other hazardous waste.These waste are harmful for the environment when we use the wrong way to handle with. However, this technology has put them into good uses. Finally, investors are able to use these waste to generate the electricty. View more details.

Incineration Process
The Detail of Beston Incineration Process

All in all, when you wanna reuse the waste, Choose the right technology to handle them. Make sure which material you plan to process. Or you leave message to get the right plan. Actually, there are other technology and machines for recycling waste, for example, carbonizing technology. What’s more, we are willing to provide practic plan for you.

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