Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India

In order to response to the policy of the government, more and more investors choose continuous pyrolysis plant in India. Compared with small models, this continuous type has larger capacity and pollution-free designs. It can pyrolyze two reactors of waste per day. Besides, we also add a series of devices to help you to save fuel cost and reduce production time in the running process.

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India

Optimized Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant India

Beston offers two plans for continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant in India. On the basis of these two plans, the configuration is flexible and can be customized. After learning about plant designs, investors take the appropriate one.

▷ Intention for A Whole Set of Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India

This project plan is prepared for new investors or investors who decide to expand their business. It contains feeding line, continuous pyrolysis reactor, discharging line, dedusting system, etc. We have improved some devices so as to meet Indian customers’ needs, for example, no pollution, increasing output, saving budget. If you have other demand, leave your message.

Model Daily Capacity Total Power Floor Area (L*W*H) Operating Pressure Cooling Method Life Span
BLL-16 8-16T 54kw/h 40*10*8m Constant Pressure Water Cooling 5-8 Years
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant India
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant India

▷ Intention for Upgrading to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant India on the Basis of Small Model

If you already own a small pyrolysis plant in India and just want to change some parts, we recommend this way – upgrading your small pyrolysis plant. Until now, we have two plans for you.

  • Change three parts. They include feeding line, discharging line with three cold water pipelines, combustible gas recycling line. After replacing these parts, the pyrolysis efficiency, environmental situation and combustible gas utilization in local site will be greatly improved. Besides, if you need dedusting tower or other system, just tell us.
Upgrade Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India
Upgrade Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India

  • The other plan is almost the same as the above plan. The difference is the carbon black discharging line. It is equipped with one cold water pipelines instead of three ones. The carbon black cools down its temperature by nature. Finally, this plant in India can handle one reactor of waste per day.
Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant India
Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant India

Different Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Design in India

Parts Uses
Automatic Feeding Platform Automatic Feeding Platform

It automatically transport waste to reactor. There are two advantages. Firstly, it has good sealed effectiveness. Secondly, it won’t be blocked easily.

Manifold Manifold

It is manly be used to desulphurize hot smoke. After desulphurized, smoke can be discharged safely. What’s more, it is made by high-quality steel.

Cold Water Pipeline Cold Water Pipeline

It cools down the temperature of carbon black quickly and hermetically. The carbon black with high temperature is extremely danger in open air. However, after cooled down by it, the temperature of carbon black reaches to 100 ℃-120℃.

Dedusting Tower in Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India Dedusting Tower

The waste smoke will be go through two procedures. They are ceramic ring adsorption and water spray. After twice of these processes, the smoke meets European emission standards and can be discharged freely.

Combustible Chamber in Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India Adding a Combustion Chamber

This combustion chamber is used to remove some harmful materials from hot smoke. If your plant lacks of this step, there are many harmful materials in the smoke.

Carbon Black Tank in Continuous Pyrolysis Plant in India Carbon Black Tank

In the reacting process, there are massive useful combustible gas generated. With this part, we can store gas directly. Gas has many uses. Firstly, it can be used as the fuel to heat reactor. Secondly, it is a good fuel in other industries.

Efficient Continuous Pyrolysis Process in India

Automatic Feeding Process

Put less than 8 tons of waste tyre or other materials into screw feeder without axis on the platform. Generally, this process spend less than 1.5 hours. Due to high level of automation, just need one person to control the system.

Continuous Pyrolysis Process

After preheating, the pyrolysis starts. When temperature reaches to 140℃-160℃, the oil gas generated. The first preheating and pyrolysis take about 7-8 hours. Moreover, bescause the second pyrolysis in the same day doesn’t spend time on preheating, it just needs 6 hours.

Direct Discharging Line

The carbon black can be discharged directly with high temperature. When it enters into carbon black tank, its temperature is about 100 ℃-120 ℃. In the end of reactor, we add four notches to speed up the discharging process. Compared with other brands with one notch, Beston tyre recycling equipment discharges quickly and clean. View the following video to understand the process.

We strongly recommend this fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant in India. It has been specially designed for Indian customers. What’s important, it not only meets the government’s requirement but also optimizes the whole production process. With environmental-friendly and efficient system, this project brings more profits for investors.

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