Romanian Customer was Satisfied with Beston Machine

Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Installed in Romania

BLL-30 Beston continuous pyrolysis equipment was successfully installed in Romania for recycling piles of waste plastic. Waste plastic pollutes the … Read more

Tire Recycling Machine

BLJ-10 Tyre Recycling Machine Installed in Indonesia

BLJ-10 Beston tyre recycling machine has already been installed in Indonesia to recycle waste tyre. The following photos showed the … Read more

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust Charcoal Machine Shipped to Russia

BST-30 Beston sawdust charcoal machine was shipped to Russia in April, 2019. In local area, this customer has a lot … Read more

Pulp Egg Tray Machine

Paper Tray Making Machine Installed in Ivory Coast

BTF-1-3 Beston paper tray making machine in Ivory Coast was put into use normally. After successful installed in local area, … Read more

Tires Recycling Machine

Waste Rubber Recycling Machine Installed in South Korea

BLL-16 Beston semi-continuous waste rubber recycling machine was installed in South Korea for recycling rubber. In South Korea, there are … Read more

Paper Egg Tray Equipment

Paper Tray Forming Machine Shipped to the Philippines

BTF-1-3 Beston paper egg tray forming machine is used to produce different trays with waste paper. A customer coming from … Read more

pyrolysis equipment

Waste Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Nigeria

Congratulation! A whole set of Beston waste pyrolysis plant was shipped to Nigeria again. This Nigerian customer purchased BLL-16 model, … Read more