Pellet Making Machine for Sale

Beston pellet making machine for sale makes different kinds of biomass into small pellet as the fuel. When you enter into low-carbon life and wanna get low-priced fuel, this machine is your great choice. We offer four models. Besides, if you have other requirement, sent it to us.

Pellet Making Machine for Sale
Pellet Making Machine for Sale
Die Ring and Pallet
Die Ring and Pallet

Beston Pellet Mills with Capacity 1-3 T/H

Model Capacity T/H Power(KW) Ring Die Diameter(mm) Pellet Machine(mm) Jiaolong Silo(mm) Conveyor(mm) Dust Removal(mm)
BKL-10 1—1.5 75KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-20 1.5—2 90KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-25 2—2.5 110KW 576 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-30 2.5—3 132KW 596 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600

1. Hole of standard ring die is with ¢8mm. Normally, the diameter of pellet will influence the final capacity. That is to say, the larger the diameter is, the larger the output is.
2. Beston offer five die rings to make pellets with ¢6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16 mm.
3. Standard Equipment (1 set) is equipped with screw conveyor, pellet machine, PLC, cyclone dust collector and Jiaolong silo.

Pellet Mill
Pellet Mill
Pellet Maker
Pellet Maker

View Raw Materials Can be Pelletized by Electric Pellet Mill

There are many options for the raw materials, for example, straw, sawdust, wood, rice husk, cotton stalk, weed, peanut shell, corncob, coconut shell, coffee husk, and so on. Pelletized biomass all have good calorific value. Even some of pelletized biomass calorific value is the second time or third time than normal biomass.

Biomass Waste
Biomass Waste

Applications of Beston Pellet Mill Machine


Advantages of Beston Pellet Mill for Sale

  1. Die Ring Type – Wide Application

Die ring type is suitable for all of biomass pellet making production. We offer several ring dies with different inner diameters.

  1. Rationed Feeding Supply & Automatic 24-hour Working Operation

Beston pellet mill employees rationed feeding supply. It can work with 24-hour continuously. Besides, lubrication system is also automatic. It will lubricates for the roller bearings automatically. The whole process is fee-maintenance.

  1. Usages of Two Ring Dies Sides

Both two sides of Beston ring dies can be used in the production. It will reduce processing cost.

  1. Integrated System with Cyclone Dust Removal & PLC

Pellet maker is coordinated with cyclone dust removal and PLC respectively. It makes factory workshop clean and no dust flying.

  1. Sealed Feeding and Discharging System & Cut Off Power Automatically

Beston pellet machine for sale uses fully sealed feeding and discharging system. Moreover, in this discharging system, pellet can be broken off automatically.

Die Rings
Options of Die Rings
  1. Easy Operation & High Production Rate

Beston pellet maker machine has a simple operation system with push button. When feeding biomass at the one side, pellets discharging at the other side at the same time. It is a streamlined process. It just need electricity to running. Therefore, its running cost is low.

  1. Other Related Equipment Offering

We provide a series of ancillary equipment, including biomass drying machine, biomass crushing machine, pallet cooler, pallet packing machine.

Functions of Pellet Manufacturing Machine Parts

Screw Conveyor

Usages: Deliver biomass powder into Jiaolong silo in a screw way.

Advantages: It is easy to install and operate. It can transport materials to the location as required. It contains a frequency converter.

Jiaolong Silo

Usages: Its enter is connected with feeding and end is connected with pellets machine.

Advantages: It guarantees even feeding befer pelletilized.

Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor

Jiaolong Silo
Jiaolong Silo


Usages: It controls the power of the whole set of equipment.

Advantages: It is informative for users. Besides, users can stop running in an urgent situation.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Usages: Dust removal

Advantages: Make the production site clean.

Dust Collector and PLC
Dust Collector and PLC

Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

Usages: Make pellets

Advantages: Has a new type of gear box and stain less steel ring die. Make the process efficient. Besides, this equipment has a long term service life.

Biomass Pellet Colorific Value Analysis

Biomass Fuel Water ash Volatile phenol Solid carbon H C S N P Ko2 Low Calorific Value Kj/Kg
Corn Stalk 6.10 4.70 76.00 13.20 6.00 49.30 0.11 0.70 2.60 13.80 17746
Corn Cob 4.87 5.93 71.95 17.25 6.00 47.20 0.01 0.48 17730
Wheat Stalk 4.39 8.90 67.36 19.32 6.20 49.60 0.07 0.61 0.33 20.40 18532
Straw 3.61 12.20 67.80 16.39 5.30 48.30 0.09 0.81 0.15 9.93 17636
Rice Husk 5.62 17.82 62.61 13.95 6.20 49.40 0.40 0.30 0.60-1.60 16017
Weeds 5.43 9.4 68.72 16.40 5.24 41.00 0.22 1.59 1.68 13.60 16204
Bean Stalk 5.10 3.13 74.56 17.12 5.81 44.79 0.11 5.85 2.86 16.33 16157
Peanut Shell 7.88 1.60 68.10 22.42 6.70 54.90 0.10 1.37 21417
Sorghum Stalk 4.71 8.91 68.90 17.48 6.09 48.63 0.01 0.36 1.12 13.60 15066
Cotton Stalk 6.78 3.97 68.54 20.71 5.70 49.80 0.22 0.69 -2.10 24.70 18089

Beston Service for Pelletizer for Sale

  1. Beston offer plan design for free. Send factory area to us.
  2. Provide assimbly before shipment and installation guidance online.
  3. Offer sample test from instituation.

Beston Service

Delivery and Payment for Beston Pelletising Machine

Equipment 1 Set >5 Sets >5 Sets with Ancillary Equipment
Delivery Time 20 working days 25-40 working days 40-50 working days

Shipping Cabinet Options:

BKL-10 or BKL-20 can be shipped in a small cabinet. BKL-25 or BKL-30 can be shipped in a large cabinet.

Payment Methods:

So far, we support two kinds of payment methods. One is LC. Another is 30%+70%.

Pellet Making Process

Put biomass waste into crew conveyor. Biomass waste will be transported to pellet machine through Jiaolong silo. Then the pellets are pressed by pressure wheel. In this sealed process, dust collector will clean some dust.

Pellet making machine makes pellets by using biomass waste. Nowadays, pellets have wide application in daily life. Therefore, the demand for pellet machine is large. When you wanna invest this kind of equipment, choose us. We offer top-rated machine, fair price, fast shipment and comprehensive service. Tell us what you need.

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