Precautionary Measure for COVID-19

People infect COVID-19 increasingly in the global world. This caronavirus spreads eaisly and fast if people don’t have enough precautionary measure. Beston has the following tips for partners preventing from infection.

Prepare Enough Protective Supplies

  • Face Mask

1. Choose the Right Type

There are many types of face mask in the market. You should choose the suitable one on the basis of the place you are going to. For example, you’d better wear medical type when going to hospital or somewhere cowded.

Face Masks
Choose the Right Face Masks

2. Wear Face Mask Correctly

There are some points you should pay attention to. First of all, use clean hands to wear mask. Secondly, mask fits face well. Finally, don’t touch the front of mask when you take it off.

  • Hand Sanitizer

1. Choose the Sanitizer with 75% alcohol. It is effective in eliminating novel coronavirus.

2. Wash hands frequently to reduce infected opportunity.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
  • Other Supplies

Besides, some other supplies are also importantm like thermometer, protective clothing, etc. These things can help you check your body or quarantine coronavirus.

Other Protective Supplies
Other Protective Supplies

Demand for Meltblown Cloth Machine

Meltblown cloth is an extremely important part in mask. It is one major reason of mask shortage. Now, applying meltblown cloth production line can quickly solve the problem of insufficient supply of mask.

Meltblown Cloth Machine for Sale
Meltblown Cloth Machine for Sale

What’s more, developing good eating habits and improving immunity is necessary. If you have demand for these things, contact us. We are willing to assist you in this outbreak.

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